Cocktail Package A


$180 per person (Minimum Order: 50 guests)

Cold Canapes 凍小食
Shrimp & Egg on Cucumber 蝦肉雞蛋青瓜
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese 煙三文魚忌廉芝士
Turkey & Cherry Tomato 火雞車厘茄
Parma Ham & Asparagus Roll 巴馬火腿露筍卷
Mushroom Vol-au-vent 白菌酥盒 (V)
Warm Canapes 熱小食
Mini Beef Burger with Cheese & Pickle 迷你牛肉漢堡配芝士及酸瓜
Sausage & Bacon Roll 煙肉司華力腸仔卷
Indian Chicken Tikka Pieces (Served with Mint Yoghurt Sauce) 印式咖哩雞
Thai Fishcake 泰式魚餅
Desserts 甜品
Fresh Fruit Platter 鮮果拼盤 (V)
Mini Lemon Cheese Cake 迷你檸檬芝士蛋糕 (V)
Mini Chocolate Tart 迷你朱古力撻 (V)
Beverages 飲品
Orange Juice 橙汁
Apple Juice 蘋果汁
Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite 可口可樂, 零系可樂及雪碧


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