Party Set D


Party Set D – Canapes Set for 20- 24 persons (20- 24 位套餐)

Cold Canapés 冷盤小食

Brie Cheese & Grapes (V)

布里芝士提子 (24 pcs)

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll

煙三文魚忌廉芝士卷 (24 pcs)

Smoked Salmon with Red Onion, Capers Crostini

煙三文魚紅蔥水瓜意式包 (24 pcs)

Shrimp & Egg on Cucumber Vol-au-vent

蝦肉雞蛋青瓜 (24 pcs)

Crabmeat & Celery in Mayonnaise

蟹肉西芹酥盒 (24 pcs)

Tomato Concase & Asparagus (V)

蕃茄蘆筍火腿卷 (24 pcs)

Hot Canapés 熱盤小食

Mini Beef Burger with Cheese & Tomato

迷你漢堡配芝士及蕃茄 (24 pcs)

Sausage & Bacon Roll

煙肉腸仔卷 (24 pcs)

Chicken Tikka Pieces

印度咖喱雞件 (24 pcs)



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